IoT is a Powerful Path to Product Performance

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The Internet of Things is having a massive impact on all kinds of companies in all kinds of industries, generating headlines about large-scale, industrial-strength applications of this powerful technology framework. But IoT—sensors, the infrastructure to capture sensor data, and the Big Data analytics required to put it to work—is finding more and more applications in consumer products.

This white paper makes the case for IoT as a powerful tool to understand product performance. More important, it outlines key factors for success in using IoT-generated performance data to make better products and forge deeper, more beneficial, and more profitable relationships with your customers.


As enterprises try to effectively aggregate and analyze the massive amounts of sensor data across different devices, they struggle to:

✔Correlate huge data sets from multiple data sources and formats

✔Run analytical models to derive meaningful insights on traditional systems

Orbfocus Sensor Data Analytics IoT Framework (SDAF) helps enterprises address these challenges to generate actionable insights.

Orbfocus Solution

Orbfocus SDAF offers open-source, reusable components that integrate with leading IoT platforms to help enterprises rapidly collect, pre-process, store, and analyze huge volume of machine data.

The framework offers:

✔Real-time data acquisition from sensors, devices, and equipment using standard IoT protocols

✔Edge analytics to control and monitor connected devices

✔Large scale data transformation and processing using the power and agility of Big Data

✔Real time analytics to generate and view insights, alerts and visualization

✔Data correlation engine to improve decision making by rule processing and event correlation

✔Machine learning algorithms to build industry specific applications, such as frequent pattern mining, failure prediction, time to failure, demand forecasting, etc.


✔Reduce time to market with inbuilt capabilities

✔Receive insights by monitoring IoT devices in real-time

✔Improve the relevance of decision making with cross functional insights

✔Reduce support, maintenance, and upfront investment

Why Choose Us for Home Automation

✔ Easy Installation

✔Affordable Solution

✔ International Standards

✔Scalable Integration

✔Wireless Connections

✔Energy Saving

✔ Intelligent Monitoring

✔Robust & Dependable

✔Safe & Convenient

✔Complete Control - anywhere, anytime

Complete Home Automation System Design & Installation Services


We take your ideas and turn them into practical, cost-effective reality.


Fast, clean, hassle-free installation by trained experts.


Orbfocus integration to simplify access and control, and enhance performance.


We’ll keep your networks and systems in top condition.

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Advanced home security systems, smart locks, doorbells and even home appliancesharness computer vision to empower home owners with the opportunity to monitor and control their property from everywhere.

Having successfully completed a number of digital imaging solutions, Orbfocus will deliver smart home visual systems that send out image-based security alerts, employ facial user authentication, and rely on video analysis for ultimate smart home solution.

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Rely on the most intuitive interface of all – which is a natural language – to streamline your connected home system solutions. With a good grasp of speech recognition and natural language processing domains,

our smart home experts will help make your IoT solution responsive to voice commands. We’ll integrate your smart home software with any of the voice assistants available on the market from Alexa to Google Assistant, Cortana or Siri and tune their performance

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Neural networks trained to respond to behavior patterns – that’s when true automation comes into play. We’ll use our experience in machine learning to enable AI-based operation of smart home systems development.

Our home automation experts will train algorithms for high-accuracy on a huge amount of IoT data generated by devices and sensors. Your smart home automation solutions will then apply rules and event-triggers, and adjust the settings accordingly as algorithms learn user behavior.

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Orbfocus allows you to see exactly how much electricity your home consumes per each device – right now. The intelligent control technology enables you to monitor and reduce energy consumption and you save money— all without sacrificing your comfort.

for your IoT medical device. Having thoroughly evaluated power consumption, signal strength, coverage and data throughput, our team will find and implement optimal device-to-stationary-equipment and device-to-mobile-app data flow, ensuring a continuous clear signal delivery.

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Orbfocus have has experienced mobile developers and back-end engineers to unify multiple endpoint devices with wearables and senior care IoT products into a single digital healthcare solution.

Entrust us with creating an application that analyzes sensor readings, detects vital emergencies like elderly person’s fall and provides immediate response to critical values of health parameters with smart alerts. Our health tech company will develop a system that issues notifications in situations that require clinician’s intervention or emergency response from caregivers.

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Team helps consumer electronics companies, home automation solutions providers, and connected device manufacturers design and develop smart home software that gives ultimate in-home experience to their users.

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